18 Pk FR59 140W VHO BP RV620

$ 459.00


 Red Light RV 620 FR59 140W BP

No Tanning Just Skin Rejuvenation

  • Red Light Therapy requires a 60 - 90 day commitment for results.

  • And it does work. You must use the "UV FREE" bed a minimum of 15 minutes 3 times a week!

  • Only 1 to 2 (15 min) weekly sessions are required for maintenance!

  • You will see results in 60 - 90 days depending on the thickness of your skin and your body's ability to produce collagen.

  • Safe for Men and Women of  all ages

  • Not Ultraviolet. You will not tan with these lamps

  • Will work in all F59 140W applications

  • 1500-2000 Hour Rating

  • FREE Shipping