16 Pk BG 105W F73 Premium

$ 229.00


  • With enough power to get your tan in high gear. For above average results in less time than the competition, go for the GOLD! 
  • 16 Pack Bermuda Gold 105W Premium Plus. Perfect for 11-16 minute schedules.
  • FREE Shipping!
  • Compatible with Wolff Bellarium S, Diamond Sun S, Velocity F73 100W

Compatible to: Bellarium Plus SA2-10-100W, Bellarium S SA1-10-100W, Eternal Sun F73 Crystal Sun S DA1-767-100W, Diamond Sun S DSS73-T12-100W, Cosmolux ESP F73 Euro Sun S3 ES3-73-100W, Goldarium S P 100W F73, Everglo EG1-73-100W, Sunbronze F73 6.5, Instantan F73 6.9+, Genesis 120W F73T12-HO-120W, Velocity VEL73-T12-100W, VIP Gold HO-ZX, Mega Sun F73/HO/6.5 Goldarium S 100W F73, Accelerator ACC73-T12-100W, Real Sun F73/HO/XXX