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Specializing in Wolff ELITE Tanning Lamps and ETS Sunquest/Sunvision tanning systems. Wolff products including ETS Wolff tanning lamps and Wolff tanning beds are a cornerstone of our business. We carry great products like the Wolff Elite Select, an OEM compatible
tanning bulb that is comparable to the Wolff Velocity, Wolff Diamond Sun, Wolff Dark Tan Elite, Rave 5.0, and many others.
Its superior blend of A and B phosphors makes it well suited for a wide range of skin types, from fair skinned to dark skinned, but tends to be a more 'bronzing' bulb than others that have a greater emphasis in higher B ray outputs. Please consider your skin type and tanning styles when choosing a tanning bulb, as the higher intensity bulbs may not be the best in all cases.
Remember, tanning is a process. Adherence to the tanning schedule listed on your suntan bed is an important guide in obtaining a gradual, safe, and sustained tan, while minimizing the risk of sunburn, which should be avoided.   A sunburn should not be an indicator of a good tanning bulb or a standard method of achieving a suntan.