Wolff Sunquest/Sunvision Elite Tanning Bulb 28 HP Kit


Designed using specific lamps that work best in your 28 Lamp Sunquest or Sunvision tanning unit equipped with TWO HP face tanning cartridges.




 These Wolff Elite tanning bulbs will work in any tanning bed that uses 100 watt bulbs, and were designed specifically for your 28 2F  Sunquest  or Sunvision 28 Le2F tanning unit equipped with a 20 MINUTE TIMER. 

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 Why three choices...Will these all work in my bed?

 They vary in strength to match your skin and tanning preferences. All four bulbs will work in your bed. It's up to you!

Underneath the blue glass UV filters reside high potency (high pressure) bulbs which emit high amounts of UVA; the bronzing rays. This is perfect for our faces as we spend time outdoors making it harder to achieve a bronze color without reddening.   The factory original lamp/bulb combination is hard to beat in the way the components work in conjunction with each other. The Elite 'SELECT' 20M lamps equal the original Velocity or Diamond Sun S lamps in output and soft bronzing ability intended for this application. And together with the 400 watt HP bulbs ensures your whole body tanning experience is synergistic and unrivaled.