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Level 1 20M ELITE 'SELECT' 

Level 2 15M ELITE 'PLUS'

Level 3 12M ELITE 'PINK'           

Level 4 10M ELITE 'ULTRA'





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Level 1 20M Wolff Elite S Bronzer is the collection of Wolff System bulbs for tanning beds that has something for everybody. The warm bronzing sensation of the Elite 'SELECT' has a well balanced UV phosphor mix to satisfy most skin types of fair to average complexion in around TWENTY MINUTES.

This is the original factory equivalent to the Velocity VEL 71 100W BP. 



Level 2 15M Elite 'PLUS'  Gives you  generous amounts of UVA, but with more UVB in the mix you'll love what you see! Quicker results (FIFTEEN MINUTES) and awesome tans are the benefits of the Elite 15M Bronzer 'PLUS'.

This is the original factory equivalent to the Velocity Extreme.


Level 3 Elite 12M 'PINK' With even more UVB, the Elite 'PINK' bulbs for tanning beds keeps the sessions short and sweet, and the tans, well ...HOT! Made for tanners with darker skin tones who can handle the extra uvb this lamp provides. The results are dramatic. TWELVE MINUTES max is recommended.

This is the factory equivalent to the Dark Tan Perfect Sun, Perfect Sun Extreme, and Perfect Sun Max.


Level 4 Elite 10M 'ULTRA'  With the highest UVB in it's class, this is the lamp of choice for beach goers looking to get the ultimate tan. Short sessions (TEN MINUTES recommended) and a high power output favors skin types that can handle the heat. Go ULTRA!

This is the factory equivalent to the Bronzing Sun, Bronzing Sun Plus, and Bronzing Sun Ultra.





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