Wolff ELITE 'SELECT' for All Sunquest and Sunvision Beds



  6 Pack Elite SELECT F59  80  W

  6 Pack Elite SELECT F71 100 W 

10 Pack Elite SELECT F71 100 W 

16 Pack Elite SELECT F71 100 W

18 Pack Elite SELECT F71 100 W

24 Pack Elite SELECT F71 100 W

28 Pack Elite SELECT F71 100 W  

           Tip: Mix and Match For More Combinations       

                            The #1 choice for level one tanners.                                                                VIEW COMPARISON CHART


With its even distribution of UVA and UVB, all skin types will be well served by its ability to effectively stimulate and oxidize melanin for a golden bronze tan. This bulb has been the most popular style in 20 minute tanning beds since the 1980's! 

Compatible with ALL F71 100 watt Sunvision and Sunquest tanning beds. 

Comparable to Wolff Velocity, Golden Tan, Dark Tan Elite, Diamond Sun S, Bellarium S.