Wolff Elite 'PINK' 12M Tanning Bulbs




 Wolff Elite 'PINK' 12M Tanning Bulbs

 The Wolff Elite 'PINK' takes it up a notch getting you one step closer for summer beaches everywhere. These replace the Wolff Dark Tan and units with built-in 15 minute timers, or can be used as upgrades. Above average uvb ratios mean shorter sessions and incredible results.  All for a little over a nickel a session!






This pack of Wolff Elite 'PINK' F71 100W tanning lamps are replacements for the Wolff Dark Tan, Perfect Sun and others. It's higher power phosphors means lower session times making them a good bargain. The 'PINK' is a suitable lamp for most above average to darker skin types and for those needing extra tanning power. These are perfect for Sunquest/Sunvision 12-15 minute units. 







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