Velocity Tanning Bulbs


Don't pay more for the same Velocity tanning bulb because of the labeling... 

Wolff System data compares Velocity F71 100W to Elite SELECT F71 100W


Click on links below to find Comparable bulb type for the following:

Wolff System Velocity Tanning Lamp (VEL71 T12 100W)   

Wolff System Velocity Tanning Lamp (VEL59 T12 80W)  

Wolff System Velocity SELECT Tanning Lamp (F71 100W) 

Wolff System Velocity PLUS Tanning Lamp (F71 100W) 

Wolff System Velocity EXTREME Tanning Lamp (F71 100W)  


Wolff System Velocity Tanning Lamp (F73 100W) 

Wolff System Velocity VSR Tanning Lamp (FR71 160W) 

Wolff System Velocity ULTRA Tanning Lamp (FR71 180W) 




Wolff Velocity Features and Benefits 

Feature: Proportionately increases the amounts of UVA emitted.
Benefit: Helps darken the pigment granules more quickly w/out increasing the risks of erythema (redness) in the skin. This increase in the UVA increases vitality, pigment formation & oxidation of the melanin which results in rich, dark beautiful tans.

Feature: Series of quality control tests are done before leaving the factory.
Benefit: Guarantee quality & a useful life.

Feature: Designed w/ an advanced, proprietary phosphor mix. Velocity® lamps have a double baked phosphor.
Benefit: Longer life of lamps, even tanning results to give clients the fast, rich, dark tans they want.

Feature: Provides scientifically measured amounts of both UVB & UVA.
Benefit: Effectively stimulates & oxidizes melanin for deep, dark tans. We refer to our lamp as a “bronzing lamp”. Just the right amount of UVA & UVB to give tanners the desired deep, dark golden brown results faster.