Twister Face Kits

 Now, turn your Sunquest or Sunvision non-facial bed...

Into a bed with facials!


      Have this?                                       ... but want this?


 Get the Twister Face Kit upgrade for your 16 or 24 lamp

Sunquest or Sunvision tanning bed.


Your bed won't know the difference, but you will.  100 watt bi-pin lamps fit exactly as originals, but just work better! The facial area (in pink) has additional UV output for your hard-to-tan face and neck area. This solves the problem of having to buy a new tanning bed, at a fraction of the cost.

Try the new 'X'-POWER TWISTERS!








Replace your ordinary tanning lamps with X-traordinary!



Two kits available:

16 TWISTER Face Kit Includes:

 8 'X' Power Dual Twister Lamps (canopy)

8 'X' Power Twister Lamps (bench)


24 TWISTER Face Kit Includes:

 8 'X' Power Dual Twister Lamps (canopy)

16 'X' Power Twister Lamps (12 bench, 4 canopy)


Turns an ordinary 20 minute bed into a tanning POWERHOUSE!


Order Here:

16 TWISTER Face Kit

24 TWISTER Face Kit