Wolff Elite ULTRA 10M Tanning Bulbs


Wolff Elite 'ULTRA'


Not for the shy, the timid, the meak. The ULTRA says it all. Strong, crisp and powerful! These TEN minute rockers will have you beach ready and then some in no time flat. Highest uvb of the Elite series means the shortest session times that top out at 10 minutes. Want a strong, deep dark tan? You've come to the right place. Now get your game on!





This pack of Wolff Elite 'ULTRA' F71 100W tanning bulbs are for darker skin types that don't burn easily. Highest uvb for best sun protection outdoors, loaded with vitamin D.  It's 800 hour capability will give you 4800 10 minute sessions at less than 6 cents each!  But at this stage of the game it's not really about the money anymore... is it?






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