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Compatibility is an important tool used to match up tanning bulb types so that you may legally purchase and use a compatible lamp in place of the original. The reasons for this are many, but most importantly it is designed to protect the user in that by using the O.E.M. lamp or a compatible lamp, it has been pre-determined that the tanning schedule (in minutes) will not be violated, the wattage, UVA and UVB amounts will be comparable, and that overall the unit will tan in a significant way as the original equipment was intended.
States legally bound to incorporate standards and inspections will look to these resources as a common way to help safeguard and protect the public from harm by upholding and enforcing compatibility standards.
A1 Tanning Supply makes available compatibility documents freely and recommends compatible products whenever the O.E.M. product is not available nor desirable due to cost constraints, etc.