Compare All Elite Bulbs

  • If you arrived at this page while following the Sunquest/Sunvision Bulb Wizard, then any of the bulbs listed will work in your unit.

  • It's important to know (from previous step) the recommended bulb type so that you can make a decision to select a more intense bulb if desired.

  • Our recommendation is to keep your bulb level consistent with your maximum bed time exposure unless your skin type will allow higher UV intensity.


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 Can I use ANY level bulb, or do I stay with recommended bulb from

Tanning Bulb Wizard?

YES, you can. But please understand that STRONGER is not always BETTER.

Obtaining a gradual tan without the burn is always best. 


What size lamps do I need?
What is the UV rating?
Do I need Wolff lamps?
What are "hotter" lamps?
What do the different UV ratings really mean?
Which lamp is best for me?
Which lamps are most popular?
Are pink lamps hotter than blue lamps?
Will a 9.5% lamp tan me faster?
What is the best brand of lamp?
What are bronzing lamps?
What lamp should I buy?
How often should I change my lamps?
Why are some lamps so much cheaper than others?
What is the warranty on your lamps?
My lamps have 1000 hours, but they are still burning just fine, why replace them?
My tanning bed came with VELOCITY® or DIAMOND SUN® lamps, why don't you sell them?
You don't sell the brand of lamp I need for my tanning bed, why?
Do you have lamps for [brand] of tanning bed?
Can I just replace some of the lamps now, and some of the lamps later?
How often should I replace my lamp starters?
Can I mix different kinds of lamp?
What is the difference in "RDC" and "Bi Pin" lamps?
Tell me about lamp shipping.
I have more questions, who do I call?


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