A-Z Bulbs Wizard

Step #1:  Find ORIGINAL BULB  from tanning unit label which states:
EXAMPLE: (VEL 71 T12 100W BP, GT71 T12 100W BP, etc)
NEXT:   Find and click on your bulb from list below to see comparable bulbs.
            Accelerator (ACC 71 100W BP)   
Advanced Bronzer F75 120W 1.9M
Advanced Bronzer FR75 120W 1.9M
Beach Sun 6.5 (F71 100W BP)
Beach Sun FR71 100W
Bellarium S (Sa1-10 100W RDC F73)
Bellarium S (SA1-71 100W) 
Bellarium PLUS (SA2-71 100W) 
Bermuda Gold Premium Plus 105W F71 BP
More BERMUDA GOLD (Click Here)
Body Scan X (F71 100W BP)
Body Scan X  PLUS (F71 100W BP)
Brilliance 5.0 F71 100W BP
BRONZING SUN  (Click for complete list)

Cosmedico HI TAN F71 100W BP

Cosmolux ESP 100W F71 100W
Cosmolux 160W VHO
Crystal Sun S F71 100W BP
Crystal Sun S DA1-766-100W 
Dark Tan Elite DT71 100W BP
Dr Kern Excellent E20 F71 100W BP
Dark Tan (DT 71 T12 100W  BP) 
Dark Tan Plus (DT P 71 T12 100W  BP) 
Dark Tan II (DT II 71 T12 100W  BP)
Dark Tan II Plus (DT II P 71 T12 100W  BP)
Diamond Sun S (DSS 71 T12 100W  BP)
ERS Sol Prof ASR2 17 100W
Everglo F71 100W BP
Eternal Sun EX F71 100W BP
Eternal Sun Gold F71 100W BP
Eurosun S3 F71 100W BP
Genesis HPR FR71/CA 120W
Goldarium S F71 100W BP
Goldarium SP F71 100W BP
Golden Tan (pink) (GT 71 T12 100W  BP)
Instantan 6.9 F71 100W BP
Instantan 8.9 F71 100W BP
Interelectric SuperSun Panther F71 100W 
Klafsun B23S 100W
Mega Voltage F71 100W BP
Mega Voltage PLUS F71 100W BP
Midday Sun 5.0 F71 100W
Midday Sun FR71 100W 
Perfect Sun (PS 71 T12  100W)
Perfect Sun MAX (PS  MAX 71 T12 100W BP)
Philips Advantage Max F71 100W BP
Philips Advantage 100W R
Perfect Sun Extreme (PS 71 T12 100W BP) 
Protech FR71/100W
Protech Intensive F75 110W 1.9M
Protech Intensive FR75 110W 1.9M
Puretan S + F71 100W
Radiance 7000 F71 100W
Real Sun F71/XX 100W BP
Solar Series FR71 R/T 7.0
Spectralarium FR71 HOR+
Speed 175 SPD 71 100W BP
Speed 205 SPD 71 100W BP
Speed 215 SPD 71 100W BP
Sunergy RFL Select
Sunfit Professional X F71 100W BP
Velocity (VEL 71 T12 100W BP)
Velocity (VEL 59 80W BP)
Velocity EXTREME (71 T12 100W BP)
Velocity PLUS (71 T12 100W BP)
Velocity SELECT (71 T12 100W BP)
More VELOCITY (Click Here)
VIP Gold HO/SE F71 100W
VIP Gold HO 2.6 F71 100W
Voltarc FR71 GTX 5.0 BP
Your Light 1.7 SE/HP
X Power (F71 T12 100W BP)
X Power Plus F71 100W BP
XS Power (F71 T12 100W BP)
XS Power Plus F71 100W BP
 Partial listing only. Please call for types not shown.