UVB % Posted on 22 Aug 14:40

In this blog article we'll discuss what UVB percentages are why they are becoming outdated.


First, a brief historical account.

UVB %  is a number that indicates just what it implies...that's right, the percentage of UVB in a particular tanning bulb (or lamp). As we can all agree without knowing anything more about UVB is that the higher the UVB, the more the...the higher content of...um ... and what exactly does UVB do again?

Yup. Therein lies the confusion. While a home tanner looking for tanning bulbs wants to find what they need without wading through complicated math, definitions, acronyms etc., a certain amount of focus is lost attempting to learn what these all mean.

Enter an easy way to distinguish the main differences between tanning bulbs to make an educated buying decision.

At A1 Tanning Supply we help you choose the right tanning bulbs in plain english with easy to understand parameters people are used to using! Rather than UVB percentages which require translation, and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, we offer a simpler method. Time. That's right, we simply list all of our Wolff tanning bulbs and Bermuda Gold tanning bulbs with the maximum time ranges accordingly. If you think about it, it's what you're after anyway. If you have a 100 watt 20 minute bed at home, you need to know what bulb replaces (in most cases) that bulb as closely as possible so that your bed timer will accurately gauge your exposure. We provide you with bulbs in groupings of tanning times so that your selection process is fast and effortless.

See our Sunquest/Sunvision Time Comparison Chart here: https://a1tanningsupply.com/pages/compare-elite-bulbs

Nothing complicated here. Just basic info you need to know.

Wattage of bulb- as stated on most bulbs

Max bed timer-in minutes

For an even easier to use tool to find a match to your original bulb type in a Sunquest or Sunvision tanning bed, click here to find your bulb type by simply knowing how many bulbs in your unit. What could be easier??