Get the perfect Tan with A1 Tanning Supply’s Elite tanning bed bulbs Posted on 22 Nov 04:48

Tanning over the years has gained a considerable fan following. The number of people undergoing indoor or outdoor tanning annually has reached a whopping 30 million people. Although going out in the sun for long hours is a great way to bring out a natural tan, artificial tanning methods are without a doubt less time to consume and give better results. Tanning beds are an effective way in which individuals can find privacy and greater control over how much tanning they require.

So why are tanning beds so popular?

The effectiveness of tanning beds for the first 50 hours is unparalleled to other methods. After the 50 hours, it decreases by around 20 percent. Once the bulbs get used up, they can still be used for individuals who are not looking for an intense tan. It is also relatively less harsh on the skin and brings about a beautifully smooth tan. After the tanning bulbs hit the 500 hours mark, it’s probably best to start looking for a replacement.

Where to buy the bulbs from?

In case you’re planning on replacing the bulbs of your tanning bed, check out Elite tanning bed bulbs by Wolff System at A1 Tanning Supply. The company has been serving its large number of satisfied customers with integrity and honesty. Customers have the option to choose between four levels of tanning lamps, depending upon their skin type and experience with tanning. Browse through the website to check them out today!