Get the perfect glow with tanning bed acrylic shields Posted on 17 Jan 22:07

A perfectly toned body with highlighted contours and a fresh glowing skin is the fantasy of every individual. The concept of having a caramel colored skin was not popular during the 90’s, however; today skin tans have become a symbol of social superiority. The fashion industry has welcomed this trend with open arms as bright white designer dresses with pops of colors look more alluring on golden skinned men and women.

Indoor tanning beds and artificial tanning equipment have become widely popular these days due to the exponentially increasing craze of skin tans. However, it is important not to compromise on any grounds with your skin while trying to fulfill your dream of attaining the perfect skin tone. Acrylic shields made of clear, shatter-resistant robust material protect the users from injuries and facilitate 100% UV light transfer. Over time, the material of such shields gets hardened which results in blockage of UV rays and inefficient tanning. To ensure proper functionality of tanning equipment, it is essential to replace acrylic shields frequently. They are available in bent, molded, contoured and masked forms in the market.

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