Get the perfect glow with tanning bed acrylic shields Posted on 17 Jan 22:07

A perfectly toned body with highlighted contours and a fresh glowing skin is the fantasy of every individual. The concept of having a caramel colored skin was not popular during the 90’s, however; today skin tans have become a symbol of social superiority. The fashion industry has welcomed this trend with open arms as bright white designer dresses with pops of colors look more alluring on golden skinned men and women.

Indoor tanning beds and artificial tanning equipment have become widely popular these days due to the exponentially increasing craze of skin tans. However, it is important not to compromise on any grounds with your skin while trying to fulfill your dream of attaining the perfect skin tone. Acrylic shields made of clear, shatter-resistant robust material protect the users from injuries and facilitate 100% UV light transfer. Over time, the material of such shields gets hardened which results in blockage of UV rays and inefficient tanning. To ensure proper functionality of tanning equipment, it is essential to replace acrylic shields frequently. They are available in bent, molded, contoured and masked forms in the market.

Although there may be other online stores that supply acrylic shields for tanning enthusiasts and beauty professionals, A1 Tanning Supply is one of the leading suppliers of tanning equipment accessories including the highest grade acrylic shields available to the market. The unmatched quality of tanning lamps and acrylic shields supplied by them match the diverse requirements of all their clients. Scroll through their extensive collection to find the products that satisfy all your needs.

Get Tanning Bulb Replacements Right with Sunvision Bulbs Posted on 6 Jan 21:55

Indoor tanning is outgrowing outdoor tanning at a significant rate. A study reported that 35% of American adults use tanning beds to get their preferred shade of skin. Not just that, a whopping 59% of college students and 17% of teenagers are not far behind.

If you’re one of the above, you would know how important the tanning bulb is for the unit. It actually is the most crucial part. And this is exactly why you MUST pay careful attention while buying them. If you’ve just set up your tanning bed or if you’re looking to replace the bulbs, it is a good idea to go with the brand of the bed itself. Let’s suppose you have a SunVision tanning bed, then it is highly recommended that you use only bulbs designed to fit SunVision tanning beds. This is majorly because of the compatibility of the bulb with the rest of the unit.

At A1 Tanning Supply, we’re the proud specialists of SunQuest / SunVision equipment. So, we basically already know your unit inside out. Choosing us is the ideal option for you because we have full historical listings and knowledge of all beds made and what bulbs originally came with each bed. So, by simply asking you to select the number of bulbs in your unit, we can in most instances identify, and match with a Wolff product of equal or better performance.

A1 Tanning Supply holds specialization in Wolff ELITE Tanning Lamps and ETS Sunquest / Sunvision tanning bulbs and tanning systems. We are always there to cater to the diverse tanning supply requirements of our clients. Get in touch with us today!

Tanning lights for your tanning bed at lowest prices? Make your selection now Posted on 22 Nov 05:01

As per Life Science Daily magazine, the UV light from tanning beds is beneficial for skin health. Additionally, a British Journal of Dermatology’s research, in which three times weekly, adult subjects were exposed to a tanning bed that emitted 95% UVA rays and 5% UVB rays, highlighted a few points in the favor of UV light from tanning beds. Firstly, any damage caused by the light exposure was repaired by the skin. The next advantage is the production of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow and minimizes blood pressure. The production of beta-endorphins, which reduce depression and vitamin D (significant for growth and bone strength, as well as asthma prevention) are the prime benefits that one gets to reap with the use of tanning beds. The major credit for the beneficial aspect goes to the tanning lights that produce ultraviolet light, which in turn, are responsible for tanning. So, when buying tanning lights along with other supplies for your tanning bed, make sure you are specific about what you want. As far as a reliable source is concerned, leave that to us!

A well-known name in the tanning business, A1 Tanning Supply is a leading company that has been catering to the customers for the past three decades. Backed by extensive experience as well as a massive collection comprising Wolff Tanning Bulbs, Tanning Lamps, Tanning Bed Acrylics, and Tanning Bed Parts of unmatched quality, A1 Tanning Supply not only offers the LOWEST prices on the Internet, but also Free Shipping of the tanning bulbs. Our incomparable collection of the best commercial grade tanning bulbs represents Bermuda Gold, Genesis, Light Sources, and Cosmedico, apart from Wolff System. If interested in learning more, explore our site right away!

Get the perfect Tan with A1 Tanning Supply’s Elite tanning bed bulbs Posted on 22 Nov 04:48

Tanning over the years has gained a considerable fan following. The number of people undergoing indoor or outdoor tanning annually has reached a whopping 30 million people. Although going out in the sun for long hours is a great way to bring out a natural tan, artificial tanning methods are without a doubt less time to consume and give better results. Tanning beds are an effective way in which individuals can find privacy and greater control over how much tanning they require.

So why are tanning beds so popular?

The effectiveness of tanning beds for the first 50 hours is unparalleled to other methods. After the 50 hours, it decreases by around 20 percent. Once the bulbs get used up, they can still be used for individuals who are not looking for an intense tan. It is also relatively less harsh on the skin and brings about a beautifully smooth tan. After the tanning bulbs hit the 500 hours mark, it’s probably best to start looking for a replacement.

Where to buy the bulbs from?

In case you’re planning on replacing the bulbs of your tanning bed, check out Elite tanning bed bulbs by Wolff System at A1 Tanning Supply. The company has been serving its large number of satisfied customers with integrity and honesty. Customers have the option to choose between four levels of tanning lamps, depending upon their skin type and experience with tanning. Browse through the website to check them out today!

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