The SunQuest® Wolff®Pro 26RS
delivers serious tanning power at an attractive price!
Relax and enjoy its advanced Bio-Tech™ “total
surround” tunnel design with 26 super-efficient, 100-
watt lamps. Its seven-foot staggered lamp design
places more lamps over the facial area for quick,
dark tanning results.

Lamps 26 Body Lamps
•         Canopy: 14 x 100 watt Wolff® lamps
•         Bench:   12 x 100 watt Wolff® lamps

•         Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
•         Bio-tech™ tunnel design
•         Extended, curved, seven foot tanning  surface
•         Exclusively designed acrylic sheets
•         Specially glossed aluminum reflectors
•         Duramax™ 2000 exterior
•         Delivered 95% pre-assembled
Special Features
•         Exclusive Control Key Lock
•         Quick Clip™ acrylic removal system
•         Security timer
•         15 minute session time

•         Superflow internal cooling system

•         18 month Bronze Medal warranty

•         87.75"L x 35" W x 48" H
•         Recommended room size: 9’x 6’

•         220 VOLT dedicated circuit      
6-20R Receptacle
•         20 AMP circuit breaker
•         20 AMP NEMA #6-20R receptacle

Important:  Voltage must be below 230 VAC or unit
may require a Buck Booster.
acrylic removal
"I LIVE in my tan!"