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Sunquest Pro 16, Pro 24, 28LE Tanning Bed Bulbs


fair-to-average skin types, this lamp is used the world over in most
level-one tanning beds. Great for leisurely tanners who enjoy the relaxing
downtime a 20 minute nap can give, while keeping up that
gorgeous healthy glow!

Compare to:

Velocity            VEL  71 T12 100w
Diamond Sun   DSS 71 T12 100w
Golden Tan         GT  71 T12 100w


For tanners with an 'ample' amount of natural pigmentation and
tan more easily than most, and want to take the next step
up to the tanning big leagues.

Compare to:

Dark Tan Elite  DT  71 T12 100w
Dark Tan Plus
Perfect Sun
XS Power


Don't let the color pink fool you...these are not your
mom's tanning lamps! Short  Twelve minute sessions say these are
hot and downright dirty!

Compare to:
Perfect Sun Extreme
InstantTan 7.9


Game ON! The zaniest, hottest tan ever in a 100 watt bulb. If you rarely
burn and want the darkest tan ever, gravitate to the ULTRA!  8-10 minute
sessions gets you in and snoozing allowed here.

Compare To:
Bronzing Sun Plus
Cosmedico Hi Tan
Instant Tan 8.9
Bermuda Gold Premium Plus 105W
Wolff Elite SELECT, PLUS, PINK and ULTRA tanning lamps will work in
all Sunquest and Sunvision tanning beds, and in all tanning beds that 'GT'
etc.  which are simply abbreviations for their lamp name.

The important part is 71 T12 100 W  

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Tanning bed bulbs for Sunquest Pro 16, Pro 24, Sunvision Pro 24s and Sunvision 28LE. Save by replacing your old Velocity bulbs
with Elite Series lamps By Wolff System. Elite SELECT replaces the Diamond Sun F71 and the Velocity F71.
See FDA Compatibility that shows FDA Compatibility in all 50 states. Don't pay too much for the same lamp with a different label!